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Mar 24

StrutsHoneypot updated for Apache Struts content-disposition vulnerability

With an exploit now in-the-wild for the Apache Struts content-disposition vulnerability, Cymmetria Research is releasing an updated version of...

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Mar 21

Cymmetria Research releases an open source honeypot for detecting the Apache Struts exploit (CVE 2017-5638)

In the hope of helping the community, Cymmetria Research is releasing an open source honeypot for detecting the Apache Struts exploit (CVE...

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Mar 09

New Home Security Business?

I think the time may be right to start a new cybersecurity enterprise. Home security.

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Feb 10

The Failure of the Fourth Estate

In 1841, Thomas Carlyle named the press the "Fourth Estate" due to its importance to democracy and government. The other estates were the church,...

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Feb 02

Introducing ActiveSOC!

It takes a while for any technology to figure itself out, specifically, what value it brings to the table. You define, you refine, you combine,...

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Jan 18

Open Letter to the President-Elect

Dear President-elect Donald J. Trump,

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Jan 13

Was the Election Hack the Real Issue?

Now that the election is over, politicians on both sides of the aisle continue to underwhelm and disappoint me. What's new?! The new debate...

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Jan 10

Pass-the-Hash Deception

MazeRunner now features a whole new category of breadcrumbs, "network traffic breadcrumbs". These breadcrumbs target threats that sniff the...

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Dec 07

Cymmetria’s Warranty Released to the Public

Following the announcement of our new Warranty Program, we’ve received some questions regarding the details of the policy. Continuing our line of...

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Dec 04

Cyber and the Historic 2016 US Election

This has been a historic election that shows the power and vulnerabilities that cyber has created. Elections will never be the same. Cyber, and...

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