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Apr 27

Crowdsourcing The Dark Web: A One-Stop Ransomware Shop

(Published originaly on Dark reading)

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Apr 17

Rise of the malware-hunting malware

(Originaly published on VentureBeat)

Imagine this scenario: A criminal breaks into a bank and finds another criminal already hard at work cracking...

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Apr 09

Anonymous’ ‘Hack Israel Day’ Could Impact the Entire World

(Originally published on re/code)

Israel was hit by a massive cyber offensive this week. But unlike other attacks (APTs, criminal campaigns, etc.)...

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Apr 05

The FBI-Apple case: the next encryption and privacy firestorm

(Originally published on Information Week's Dark Reading)

The startling events over the last few weeks in the San Bernardino shooting case, which...

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Apr 02

Weekend break: the 10 best hacking movies

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